Your Green R_Evolution Site

Registration is now open for Green Evolution and Grow Up! sites.
Linking your site to others helps to support all those working to restore their landscapes to more productive use.
Registration is open to all types of property’s.  It’s not where you are…it’s where you’re growing!

This website is also a place to inquire about individual landscapes displaying a Green Evolution Site sign. Please ask questions and be open to ideas and landscapes that may seem unusual to you.  We’re all evolving toward a greener future and we want you to be part of the process.

Site 62 in Rockwood, Ontario, Site 64 in Cobourg, Ontario & Site 007 in Toronto, Ontario are requesting support.

We hope to have more to share with you soon, but please explore the newly planted sections.  Like all of nature, this site is evolving.

Meanwhile, enjoy some benefits of nature seeds scattered by:
Restoring Peace:  6 Ways Nature in our Lives Can Reduce the Violence in Our World
The Child in Nature (film)  by a child of nature, 13 year old Miranda Andersen

and by:  Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens
Revolutionize Your Lawn
An Advocate for the Wildlife Garden
A Tale of Two City Yards
Help Monarchs with the Right Milkweeds

Green Evolution Site is a rhizome of Verdigrow Ltd. As a private company, Verdigrow Ltd. is able to freely lobby for ecological change without fear of losing charitable status or having funding curtailed.   Our goal is to create a unified network of people putting their land to productive use…not profit.
Please join us in linking landscapes together to grow a more ecological world.