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This site is being harassed by neighbours and bylaw officers.  Contact us to offer moral support and advice to the owner.  Let him know he is not alone. “It is difficult to stay strong and continue the course of ‘being different’ when I am harassed by neighbours and by-law officials.”

Site No.: 62  Type:  Residential Garden  Size:  1500sqft  Goal:  To bring a more natural style to an area of cookie cutter yards  Status: T2
Carolinian Canada
Rockwood    State/Province/District:  Ontario     Country:  Canada

I would like the public to understand that we are not ‘lazy’ homeowners just because we are not growing a conventional yard. I would like to show people that there are other options to sterile, grass-filled yards that require massive amounts of fuel, fertilizers and water. I would like to show people how quickly nature can return to a yard and how beautiful that yard can be.

Favourite things/unusual features:
Seeing not only the common European honey bee foraging in my yard, but as well the many natural bees and pollinators. I also enjoying finding frogs buried in the clover yard and birds searching for insects.

Top 10 Plants:
Dutch White Clover Echinacea Sedum Monarda Sage Speedwell (Veronica) Viper’s Bugloss Anise Hyssop Mint Joe Pye Weed

White Clover Lawn

White Clover Lawn