Site No.: 54  Type:  Residential Garden  Size:  1000sqft  Goal:  Native Plant Site/ pollinator friendly  Status: T1
Zone:  Carolinian Canada
City/County:  Guelph    State/Province/District:  Ontario     Country:  Canada

Urban garden with very limited lawn. We have wood chips and plantings in the front, small lawn area that is treated organically in the back with no Kentucky Blue Grass! Increasing number of native species in the back where there is a predominance of dry shade. The front area has a lot of periwinkle at present. But there is also beautiful serviceberry trees, yews, and shade plants. We use only compost and water from our rain barrels…as much as possible.

Lawn is not required in a garden. Gardens can be low maintenance and low water requirements. Gardens can help sustain our environment not damage it. Native species are important but can be incorporated with our non invasive attractive plants.

Top 10 Species: (links to USDA plants database)
violets, rudebeckia, coneflowers, asters, serviceberry, yew, sugar maple, hosta, anemone, sedum

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