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Help other Green Evolution Sites draw a line in the soil!  We have the constitutional right to express our environmental beliefs on our own property and, if we are expected to care for it, the adjacent boulevard as long as our projects do not create health or safety hazards.

Unfortunately, not all municipalities are aware that the Constitution over rules local ordinances.  Politicians do, however, tend to recognize popularity – so lend your voice in support of threatened sites.

Please take a few moments to write or call the municipalities that are still restricting our ability to rehabilitate our pieces of the planet.  For every property prevented from evolving,  countless others are dissuaded from even trying.

Remember, it’s not where you start or even where you are in developing a site that matters – it’s where you’re headed!  Every project, like every person, is different and it is those differences that push our evolution.  As we learn; we grow, we change, we develop.  Nature too, grows and evolves its own beauty if given a chance.

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