Des Moines, Iowa. USA

In fall 2012, a subcommittee of Des Moines Council directed staff to draft a bylaw banning front yard fruit and vegetable gardens.

There is hope, as some Councillors consider banning front yard vegetable gardens to be an infringement on property rights…which is, of course, absolutely true.  The right to express yourself through your gardening is guaranteed under the US Constitution.  This right has already been affirmed by the Courts in cases against native plant gardens.  Native plant gardens are an essential adjunct to food gardens as they provide a range of habitat and nourishment for pollinators throughout the growing season.

Read more about this particular, still anonymous, case in the February 7, 2013 Des Moines Register

Contact members of Des Moines City Council in support of property rights and front yard gardens or contact Mayor Steve Gaer’s office at 515-283-4944

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