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These pages offer a brief glimpse into the registered projects as presented by their creators.

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Very few project sites are considered “finished”.  Many go through periods where they might not be considered traditionally attractive, but they all share a purpose…to improve their piece of the planet.  Gardens and natural sites are alive – they move, grow, and change daily.  Tree saplings should not be considered to be “heavy undergrowth” as some municipalities have characterized them…but as future green giants joining with other lungs of the earth.  Unlike the static, plasticized, versions of yards popularized by the lawn care industry, Green Evolution Sites have a real potential to improve our physical environment, our personal well being, and our communities.

Oftentimes urban green evolution landscape extend  onto the boulevard or road verge.  It is perfectly legal to garden on this area if the municipality has ceded care of it to the adjacent homeowner.  The only proviso is that public health and safety be respected, usually in the form of height restriction related to traffic sight lines.  Check with your local municipality for details.  Please note, some cities have asked for permits or fees to be paid for the privilege of taking care of their property.  Be prepared to challenge that unlawful tax if you choose to replace turf with something more environmentally friendly.  In much of North America, resource-depleting turf is still habitually used to waste this space.

Open your eyes, your mind, and your landscape to more sustainable and productive use.  Ask questions about things you don’t understand.  Offer  suggestions to help improve Green Evolution Sites.  Talk with each other…together we can make a greener more sustainable community.


General Q & A

Want to know more about how to green up your space?  What that strange critter eating your plant is?  How to get started on revolutionizing your yard?  Spend some time looking at what others have done in the Green Evolution Site Gallery, or ask your question here.   We can’t promise to have all the answers, but together, Gree Evolutionists, can offer some alternatives to help you to restore your piece of the planet.

Post your questions below and check back later to see if someone has an answer for you.