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All lands, from balcony pots to acreages, are eligible to be certified.  Mark your progress by displaying a Green Evolution Site sign on your piece of the earth.

Identify your planting project with a Green Evolution Site sign.

Not everyone understands that our plantings are working to improve the planet…by increasing biodiversity, providing locally sourced food, or absorbing pollutants and not using pesticides.  Whatever path you’ve selected; our gardens, restoration projects, and community plantings all move through stages in their development toward mature landscapes.  Tell the story of your project with Green Evolution Site.

Green Evolution Site signs allow you to dialogue with passer by, let them know what you’re doing, how they can participate, and open a multi-directional communication gateway.  The trail beyond allows you to monitor the impact that your project is having, find out if someone is watching your progress, what they think of your efforts, and to gain advice and help from other Green Evolution Site developers.

Green Evolution Sites receive:

  • a two year project registration,
  • a 7×8″ aluminum sign (choose one appropriate to your site),
  • window decal,
  • paper certificate
  • website access code
  • and, if desired, a Grow Up! sign for front yard & boulevard projects.
  • Additional signs with the same identifier sent in the same mailing are available at $25 each.

Sign One                                              Sign Two

Sign Three                                      Sign Four

Signs may not be exactly as illustrated.

Each sign and certificate comes with a unique identifier (not illustrated) and can be updated in subsequent years with a decal indicating it’s newly acquired Green Evolution status.  Maintaining your certification after the initial 2-year registration is only $5/year.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite photo from our Green Evolution Site gallery (as it develops) to select images for new signs.  We’d love to see your ideas for more signs.

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