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Add your voice in support of the growing number of ecological gardeners and site restoration specialists by registering your projects today!  Sign sales help to support legal challenges for municipal lawnlessness beginning with Deborah Dale’s battle to have ecosystem gardens made welcome in Toronto, Ontario.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is more true of ecological gardens than of any other.  We offer a chance to present your project as you see it and a way to link to a broader community of like-minded gardeners and restoration specialists.

While you canʼt spend every minute in your garden, a Green Evolution Site sign posted there will direct passer by to a personal tour that you develop and update to showcase your project and will help them to understand the inherent beauty and utility of a garden designed with nature.

All lands are eligible for certification regardless of size or of how far along they are in transforming into a truly ecological space. Even traditional gardens replete with invasive species can apply, so long as the goal is to work toward a more ecological end. All landscapes, from balcony pots to acreages, have the potential to enhance the environment and Green Evolution Site is here to help.

• You will receive a framable certificate referencing your site number as evidence that your project has met the standards outlined here plus a window decal for your home or auto.
• Certification comes with a uniquely coded metal garden sign that identifies your property as a deliberately established eco-site, readily distinguishing it for those new to the concept.  Boulevard & Front Yard projects can also request a free Grow Up! sign.
• Your sign offers a link to this website which presents more information about the purpose of ecological gardening and about your specific project. The exact location of your project will not be divulged to website browsers unless you opt to include it in your site description.
• Visitors have the opportunity to post comments about your site, and you can request that inaccurate information posted by anonymous sources be removed. By monitoring the impact that your project is creating, youʼll have an opportunity to modify your community education efforts and head off problems.
• In the event that you experience difficulty with local bylaws because of your gardening style, we will send a letter of support outlining the utility and inherent beauty of these sites, referencing your specific case and relevant legislation (eg US Constitution & Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms). At your request an Action Alert will be sent to other site operators requesting their support &/or your site will be highlighted on this website.
• The site receiving the highest grade each year will be awarded a prize from an environmentally oriented company in their region.

Initial certification is only $30 for the first 2 years. A $5 annual fee thereafter allows you to keep your certification current with dated stickers to be added to your sign and certificate and continued online access to update your site information.

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